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We have a passion for helping moms to love the way they look during pregnancy and beyond. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. We would love to know you better so that we can make your experience more fabulous in the future!

Keep your wardrobe chic throughout your pregnancy with maternity clothes at Topshop. From cool tees and comfy jeans we've got it covered. Keep your wardrobe chic throughout your pregnancy with maternity clothes at Topshop. From cool tees and comfy jeans we've got it covered.
Maternity Clothing Mums-to-be don't have to fear frumpy fashion with boohoo's maternity range. Featuring a wide range of options from casual tees to on-trend dresses, staple maternity jeans and essential leggings, you're sure to find your style saviour.
Stylish Maternity Clothing. Spring is now upon us as we begin to enter a period where being pregnant is an even more exciting and enjoyable period as it combines with the warmer seasons.
Rachel Pally blends the easy and elegant with the chic and classic offering knit jersey style maternity dresses and tops. Shop now at
At BAE The Label, we make maternity dresses in Australia that are both fashion-forward and comfortable. See our collection online on our website!

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Whether you're looking for professional or casual plus size maternity clothes you'll find the look you want here. This assortment include jersey tops, scoop neck dresses, bermuda shorts and khaki pants.

How to dress all of your bridesmaids—including your pregnant bridesmaid—in the bridesmaid dress of your dreams? While you may want to employ the popular mismatched bridesmaid trend i.

And congrats on the incoming squad member too! When it comes to maternity bridesmaid dresses, there are plenty of shops to choose from, including stores that do custom work on Etsy. But if you want to keep it brick-and-mortar, these are our favorite shops for maternity bridesmaid dresses: Scroll to see maternity bridesmaid dresses from each of those locations below!

Unlike many other establishments, Dessy, which also makes Alfred Sung, After Six and Lela Rose, to name a few, has a dedicated lineup of maternity bridesmaid dresses, some of which come in up to 41 colors. Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses Top Pick: While the brand is pricey overall, the quality and refined details are hard to beat.

We love this floor-length blush stunner for its lace bodice, cap sleeves and jeweled waistband. Jenny Yoo Jenny Yoo, adored for her covetable convertible bridesmaid dresses, has five pretty maternity bridesmaid dresses to choose from.

Our pick, especially for warm-weather weddings: While the brand sells a variety of bridesmaid dresses with empire waistlines, which can easily accommodate a growing baby bump, they also sell this one just for pregnant ladies. Not only is the mesh material super-forgiving, but those ruched sleeves can expand for additional coverage. Plus, it comes in 10 different colors to fit your wedding vibe.

While our favorite brands for maternity bridesmaid dresses are above, your favorite colors for those dresses are below. Blush Ever the classic, the feminine, romantic shade is a favorite, especially for spring and summer. And a high waist—perfect for that bump. Gold Metallic bridesmaid dresses are all the rage right now, with shimmering gold dresses at the head of the line.

After all, it never hurts to add a little sparkle at a wedding, right? The draped panel of crepe de chine in the front offers a flexible fit. But instead of the French blue shades of yore, more and more brides are opting to put their bridesmaids in something darker—a royal blue or, as seen here, a navy. Gray Gray is the neutral of The smoky hue comes in a variety of shades, but we particularly enjoy the softness of a sterling, like that of this pleated chiffon maternity bridesmaid dress, embellished with gold floral lace.

Red Candy-apple red for Christmas? The back features a keyhole cutout, not to mention a stretch panel for a comfortable fit. And what do maternity bridesmaid dresses for winter weddings need? It too has an extendable waistband that can be pulled over the tummy to provide extra support. This feature comes in handy during intense yoga sessions through the last trimester. The material is four-way stretchable and extremely soft. It also supports a waistband. The water-proof material is best for intense workouts during warm weather.

You need to buy these full compression capris from Old Navy. First off, these are affordable, feature a waistband and offer a generous stretch.

These moisture-wicking yoga pants are great for offering a sweat-proof yoga session. They feature a crossover panel that provides gentle back support.

You can wear these moisture-wicking yoga pants up till the belly or simply roll it down. They fit great, are super comfy and look adorable. For mommies who have an issue with the see-through pants, these provide maximum coverage.

If you are on a budget, then these maternity yoga pants are what you should get. Regardless of its low price, the stuff used to make it very soft and comfortable. These yoga pants are stretchable, so they would easily accommodate with your growing baby bump. They are made from cotton and spandex. Take some bold choices!

These yoga pants have vibrant and shiny patterns. The best thing about them is that they are stretchable and will allow your legs to breath. I remember that during my pregnancy I would always have sweaty legs therefore, if you want to avoid moisture then you need to buy these. If you want to stay cool and comfy during your pregnancy, then you definitely need to get these under the belly yoga pants as they are both affordable and relaxing. You can easily wash them in a machine and wear them as many times as you want, and its stuff will still remain as new as ever.

The C9 Champion yoga pants for women will absorb all the moisture and help you in different stages of pregnancy. If you are one of those ladies who love to work out during their pregnancy, then these yoga pants are a must have! You can wear them when going for a walk also. Its fabric is made of polyester and spandex and it is very soft. These yoga pants are must haves during your last few months of pregnancy. You can wear them for running errands or during exercise.

The best thing about these yoga pants is that they actually stay over your stomach. There are some safety concerns to be followed before choosing yoga gear due to the rapid change in size. Not only the abdomen but the feet, hands, breasts, and thighs all go back and forth with the swelling and cramping and fattening. There are some major safety concerns when choosing any workout gear during pregnancy to avoid a mishap.

You may be able to go through the first trimester with your pre-pregnancy clothes, but eventually, you will need to take a trip shopping to buy a bigger, more flexible size.

The key here is to choose a size that fits you perfectly. I made this mistake and ended up not even gaining that much weight later on. Comfort is the vital factor when choosing maternity yoga pants. The best way to go is to stick to basics.

I would suggest trying yoga gear before buying it rather than ordering online. Another tip is to choose sweat resistant material because women tend to feel warmer than usual during pregnancy. You can choose a variety of colors and make your practice livelier by adding a pop of rainbow or unicorn shades to the apparel.

Trust me; nobody even noticed my thighs getting bigger till the date of my delivery! Yoga poses require a lot of flexing and bending so the material must be quite flexible. The last thing you want is rigid fabric getting in the way of your downward dog. Nylon and spandex are the most flexible options here. You need your gear to be extremely supportive. Breasts are already tender during pregnancy, and the belly is growing too, maternal yoga wear usually provides an extra feature to give support to the body.

Be careful when wearing socks or shoes during prenatal workouts, your feet might become swollen and constrict the blood flow to the whole body. Same goes for pants. Tight pants can also limit the blood circulation inside the body.

The body locates and relocates its center of gravity with the growing belly, which is why there is a chance of losing balance during yoga. Once your yoga gear is comfy and fits you well, it reduces the likelihood of injury. A few good items chosen carefully will do the trick. Every pregnancy is different and has different changes in the body. So take your time to assess your unique body and consider all the above factors to buy the best pair of yoga pants to ace your prenatal practice!

The first trimester is a time of major development for your fetus and of significant physical and emotional changes for you. This is one reason why women are encouraged to plan for pregnancy. During the first trimester of your pregnancy, your body is experiencing dramatic changes. Here are a couple of precautions you must take. In the event that you encounter just slight nausea, you may find that snacking consistently on biscuits and cheese may alleviate the symptoms. In the event that you have severe nausea and puking in any case, consult your doctor as you might be nutritionally at risk.

Amid pregnancy, smoking may pose several health risks and is responsible for reduced immunity, lowered birth weight, infections and several other developmental problems in your baby. It has also been discovered that smoking amid pregnancy could result in sudden infant death syndrome. Caffeine consumption, then again, is linked to premature birth and an increased risk of several birth defects.

In any case, a great deal of fish is known to contain high amounts of mercury and other toxic chemicals, which are harmful for your developing baby. Avoid consuming excessive fish during your first trimester. On the off chance that you must, choose small amounts of tuna, salmon or other light meats ideally the canned assortment during your first trimester.

You will also need to increase your calcium content. Include more calcium-rich foods like milk and milk products in your diet.

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