Milan Fashion Week Spring-Summer Trend Report

Swimwear trends don’t move in quite the same cycles as other fashion trends. That’s because it’s hard to reinvent the bikini or the monokini: in the need to balance functionality and sex appeal, designers are limited to what they can actually do.

Floral prints get an edgy makeover when added to tough accessories like a pair of classic Dr. Top Fashion Trends in Score 6. You make a good point that some people care about fashion more than others. Fashion is a common to some people but, to other people loves fashion more than other people. We're seeing top searches for jogger pants for men, women, boys, girls, and even toddlers, indicating mass appeal for this apparel item.

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A look at the top trends from the runways.
Marsala, Pantone's Color of the Year, set the tone for 's wedding hues. It's a rich wine red that's sophisticated, stylish and versatile.
Google data has revealed the three biggest fashion trends for April
A look at the top trends from the runways.
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Selecting checkered clothes

NYFW Spring Street Style Verdict: Skinny Jeans Are Officially Dead. have? Hang on to them. Also, check out Jenna Lyon in all white with white jeans. Kind of reminds you of the Frame Spring collection, no? Methinks, yes! This is a fashion trend starting top down from corporate fashion heads who want to push out older trends to.

When paired with the rustic countertop and sink basin, the space evokes the look of a Turkish bath. Tile design will keep getting bolder in , so if you really want to try something fresh and high-end, opt for one-of-a-kind handpainted designs.

This wall feature was created from tiles hand painted by Linda Horning and Katherine Jacobus with designs inspired by Portuguese tiles and set at random to create a custom look in this room designed by Antonio Martins. If you've got beautiful natural light streaming into a room or windows with extra architectural detail, then there's no reason to hide them behind curtains. Go au naturel by foregoing the curtains and other adornments, like Carter Kay did in the design of this Atlanta kitchen.

Painting window trim black allows the windows to pop and frame the outside view. The family room designed by Steven Miller Design Studio offers a scenic view of the surrounding San Francisco hills that rivals many landscape pantings and photography.

If you're ready to splurge, consider steel windows, like the ones in this space designed by Lauren Rubin Architecture. Aside from their modern elegance, steel windows are durable, easy to clean and resistant to fire and water. Popular for several years in DIY furniture and light fixtures, the industrial look is extending to higher-end statement pieces. The freshest industrial light fixtures are especially large to balance their pared-down details and bare bulbs, like this stunning selection by Jenny Norris.

Using industrial pieces to re-create more classic chandelier shapes results in a light fixture that's versatile enough to work in contemporary and traditional room design. This iron chandelier evokes a touch of Mediterranean design which is at home with the Juliette balcony and ornate ceiling design while effortlessly matching the modern furnishings in this room designed by Lauren Coburn.

This showstopping light fixture swaps the bare-bones light bulb for handblown glass pieces that hang like small crystals from the ceiling.

The light fixture, selected for this space by Lauren Rubin Architecture, still has industrial appeal thanks to the simple stems from which the bulbs hang. The beauty of many industrial chandelier designs is that they can be adjusted and reconfigured to suit any space. Designer Tana Nesbitt selected and arranged this light fixture to balance the off-center fireplace in this Brooklyn home.

The industrial statement light trend isn't anything new. The look was a popular feature in midcentury design, making the mod-style sputnik chandelier the prime for a comeback. Tobi Fairley selected a sputnik light with a brass finish to pop against the moody hue of the ceiling in this bold master bedroom suite.

If the look of iron pipe fittings has lost its lustre to you, try the look of warmer, shinier metals. Designers are opting for brass, warm nickel and gold to counter the coldness of the more common features of the modern, industrial style. Brian Patrick Flynn selected a brass chandelier and matching candlesticks for this dining room to add a touch of high-end luxe to the space. The key to using warm metals while avoiding a '90s look is to choose metals with low shine.

The brass pendant lights and fixtures in this gorgeous Tobi Fairley kitchen have a bit of a weathering to them for the right kind of vintage touch.

Another way to introduce warm metal to your space without looking dated is to do it in small doses. Fresh Faces of Design winner Caitlin Murray added brass handles to the covering of a murphy bed for a small touch of shine. A brassy vase and coffee table base also add hints of the metal without going overboard.

The deeper tones of copper are a good bridge between the heavier look of industrial design and the brighter touch of warm metals. SuzAnn Kletzien put a homeowner's penny collection to work in her design of this entertaining space by using it to tile the backsplash and floor of the kitchenette. Usually the outside of a light shade gets all the love. The brass is in full effect when the light is on and reflecting in the shiny interior finish, while the black finish on the outside of the light suits industrial tastes.

Sometimes the best way to make your design fresh is to do something completely unexpected. Kristi Will chose this karat gold for the powder room at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase as a nod to opulent Art Deco design and a touch of ultimate luxury. Soaking tubs are showing up in all of our favorite designer's bathroom spaces. Homeowners who were once after rain showerheads and wall sprayers are now installing freestanding tubs. We could spend all day in this tub selected by KellyBaron Design.

Freestanding tubs come in all shapes and sizes to suit any bathroom design. This simple, modern tub sleekly contrasts the wood-look tile that lines the walls and floor of this modern, rustic bathroom designed by Neumann Mendro Andrulatis Architects.

Soaking tubs also come in classic styles, making them at home in traditional design. This master bathroom designed by Ann Lowengart boasts a full range of modern features while maintaining a timeless appeal. Vintage-style pipes help the modern convenience feel at home in a cottage-style interior. With a freestanding tub, you'll probably want to spend more time bathing -- so don't forget your view!

Gregg De Meza knew there was only one place for this soaking tub: Creative New Decorating Ideas 16 Photos. It's no wonder this time of year is always exciting. For the home, the trend of style in everything -- every room, every corner, every element of the house -- has been around for a few seasons and shows no signs of slowing this year. With the growth of home furnishings available online and affordable retailers to meet a broader range of demographics, fulfilling this trend is easier and more personal than ever.

Watch for color explosion in the kitchen this year -- black which has been popular for a few years will return, but even more so will be color across the spectrum particularly in cabinets. Pastels, primary colors, bright, bold, you name it. Color has already crossed into small kitchen appliances, and while it has turned up with the larger items like refrigerators and dishwashers, far more commonly seen is the popularity of large appliances mirroring the cabinet experience.

It creates a smooth, streamlined and synergistic feel. Outside of the kitchen, the same attention to color continues -- walls in particular continue to see the play. The sky is truly the limit, so get creative with yours.

With furniture and other furnishings, the same is on trend. Bright or rich jewel blue tones are particularly showing up, but pinks, yellows, greens, oranges, etc. For fashion and style, is showing some fresh ideas and concepts as well. Sky-high wedges and flat forms in footwear are appearing across many designer collections in resort and spring previews this year, and if the shoe isn't one or the other, the wide heel is definitely making an arrival in all forms and formats.

After years of tight-fitting skinny jeans and pants, skirts, etc. In jewelry, architectural and big statement continues to trend. For color, understated hues are here. In May , over South African motorists were stopped by traffic police and handed grocery vouchers if sober , in an attempt to reduce the number of drunk driving-related fatalities on the road. As African pride continues to grow, the continent will, in turn, continue to become an attractive travel destination — for other Africans.

No longer will holidaying in Africa solely be about adventurous safari-beach-loving foreigners. Indeed, the African tourism industry has already begun catering to local and cross-continent tourists. For example, after stagnating growth the Mauritian government boosted tourism by relaxing visa regimes for over 30 African countries African Development Bank, In , expect travel operators to begin innovating to attract and delight other Africans in search of leisure.

But progress is happening. You must however move first and fast. Nigerian box office revenues, which have nearly doubled since , are projected to grow an additional 70 percent by PricewaterhouseCoopers, September Yet the media and entertainment sector also struggles with fundamental shortcomings, such as lack of professional equipment, promotional channels or project funding.

Of course, Africa is brimming with diverse talent awaiting exposure, training, the right resources, and more. So, one key opportunity for non-African nations and organizations in ? The festival, a collaboration with the Nigerian government, screens seven of the most talked about Nigerian films over a four-day period. A growing number of Africans today want to demonstrate respect for their environment through the products they consume.

In , increasing experience of eco-innovations that truly improve quality of life will spur a new ECO-REVERENCE among African consumers, who will embrace a plethora of eco-solutions, and push new, homegrown eco brands further forward. So how will your products drive the green agenda in ways that will contend with those of the West? Many hardworking Africans are seeking ways to both contribute to and benefit from growth. Cheap labour costs means Africa already has a well-developed mindset around outsourcing everyday tasks.

In , these time-stricken, middle class Africans will expect the ability to tap an app or login to an online platform and outsource routine tasks. SweepSouth offers domestic cleaning services in South Africa. Due to its popularity, the young company expanded from Johannesburg to Greater Guateng and the Western Cape in late

From Exotic Songstress Editorials to Crystalline 3D-Printed Shoes

From the '70s-meets-'90s redux to a return to minimalism, the biggest trends of were enough of a departure from the over-the-top, embellished, glossy, girly looks of the prior years that — to us — they signaled a style shift that'll separate the end of this decade from the first few years. Watching every single runway show from all of the cities has taught us a lot, so here, we rounded up this very comprehensive trend guide to everything you will be seeing, shopping, and wearing in the months to come. See the best fall fashion trends of The Top 8 Street Style Trends: Spring Street style, more so than the red carpet or any other celebrity stomping ground, is the largest indicator of whether last season's runway trends have actually taken offor if the style set has simply gone rogue.