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However, even very advanced measuring devices may still present a limited field of view. Objects being described by their relative size are often described as being comparatively big and little, or large and small, although "big and little tend to carry affective and evaluative connotations, whereas large and small tend to refer only to the size of a thing". Objects are also typically described as tall or short specifically relative to their vertical height, and as long or short specifically relative to their length along other directions.

Although the size of an object may be reflected in its mass or its weight , each of these is a different concept. In scientific contexts, mass refers loosely to the amount of " matter " in an object though "matter" may be difficult to define , whereas weight refers to the force experienced by an object due to gravity.

Its weight will be less on Mars where gravity is weaker , more on Saturn , and negligible in space when far from any significant source of gravity, but it will always have the same mass. Two objects of equal size, however, may have very different mass and weight, depending on the composition and density of the objects. By contrast, if two objects are known to have roughly the same composition, then some information about the size of one can be determined by measuring the size of the other, and determining the difference in weight between the two.

For example, if two blocks of wood are equally dense, and it is known that one weighs ten kilograms and the other weighs twenty kilograms, and that the ten kilogram block has a volume of one cubic foot, then it can be deduced that the twenty kilogram block has a volume of two cubic feet. The concept of size is often applied to ideas that have no physical reality.

In mathematics , magnitude is the size of a mathematical object , which is an abstract object with no concrete existence. Magnitude is a property by which the object can be compared as larger or smaller than other objects of the same kind. More formally, an object's magnitude is an ordering or ranking of the class of objects to which it belongs. There are various other mathematical concepts of size for sets, such as:. In astronomy , the magnitude of brightness or intensity of a star is measured on a logarithmic scale.

Such a scale is also used to measure the intensity of an earthquake , and this intensity is often referred to as the "size" of the event. The actual amount of disk space consumed by the file depends on the file system.

The maximum file size a file system supports depends on the number of bits reserved to store size information and the total size of the file system in terms of its capacity to store bits of information.

I fell in love with the first one I tried on! When I went to Luxe Bridal it was a completely different experience. They had dresses that were all sizes. And I was happy to actually be fitting into the dresses that I was trying on so I could actually picture myself in the dresses!

It was a much more fun and relaxed bride experience! I could not have been happier with my dress! I loved my dress and felt beautiful. My stylist was wonderful and very fun, I loved all the gowns I was able to choose from. I am so happy that I found Luxe Bridal! I had the best experience there and I am so happy I said YES to my dress at the trunk show this weekend! Our consultant was amazing she listened and pulled amazing dresses and gave me options to stay with in my budget! Send your power results by email Fill in the information below and click "Send" to email your power results.

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