List of ALL the Daily Deal Websites in America is a US based business and is the place to get the best deals on all the products you love up to % off retail. Fresh deals daily.

What features should I copy? First in might have good deals once in a while, but it sure takes long for the product to arrive. Currently I am waiting for a hard drive which i ordered on the 16 Oct.

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Yes Adrian, I know of your website (I like the new WordPress template by the way). Some interesting articles for fans who are really into the whole 1 day sale / . offer one day deals new zealand, one day sale new zealand, daily deal sites nz, nz one day deals, 1 day sales nz, one day sale sites nz, one day deal sites . is a US based business and is the place to get the best deals on all the products you love up to % off retail. Fresh deals daily. is a US based business and is the place to get the best deals on all the products you love up to % off retail. Fresh deals daily.

Yes Adrian, I know of your website (I like the new WordPress template by the way). Some interesting articles for fans who are really into the whole 1 day sale / .

I am trying to remember the name of a site that I purchased a curling iron from. It would only let you check the price on a certain item a certain amount of times for like a minute or so.

If I remember correctly it linked to facebook. Thanks for anyone that can help me!! The business model combines two passions: We feature a variety of items, and all of them are tell a story.

Small company and excellent customer service. They really do the dirty work for you. If you are looking for a place that aggregates deals from all the top flash sale sites I recommend http: This site has amazing daily deals on adult products- mostly for women, but good deal! Get the best deals of the Day from top Deal websites on Android. Anyone can submit a deal they find, and the best deals are voted to the top.

We ship online deals across North America and do local deals in certain active cities. We are a Canadian deal site which means more bang for the buck for USA visitors too.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. And another great site with one day deals starting at midnight — http: Searching Hubsta on the net, resolves this: Hey just discovered nice and intresting one….

Actual product may differ. Hummm…you are right sheldon… it really sucks!! Hey, Pacfic Blue also has sometimes pretty good daily deals — they have a happy hour from pm each day which sits on their home page — has some pretty good ozzie deals http: Thanks Jon, their prices are certainly very good.

Some of the deals on these sites are really good. Thanks for making up this list. I have seen some of these sites selling golf equipment from time to time, but not a dedicated one-day-sale site.

Anyone having trouble getting hold of snatchadeal? Contact number 09 appears to be disconnected as of Tech Trustees Limited Address: Auckland Post code: Just checked with Telecom. I think the design of it looks really good and they contribute sales to Charities which is pretty cool to.

If your into cars or sports like surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding try http: They also have free delivery. Has anyone tried this one http: The items are changed if they sell out, or if they have been in place for 2 days. Today they have 2 charms for sale. Should organize the list by the times they update. I access the list throughout the morning and have to pick out the ones that have been updaed.

Awesome, what a great list! Had someone forward me the link to this page and glad they did, cheers for putting that together. Very targeted though, you have to be into what we sell. If you are there are some great deals! You have left http: Just letting you all know as you have probably heard of the poor service from 1-day.

Their service when there is an issue is terrible, the first major issue took numerous email and over 4 weeks for them to respond. Their deliveries are continually to the wrong address and I must say I have had to go searching for my item from nearby addresses on at least 8 occasions! The latest one was an issue with a faulty product, the order was delayed getting out, was lost and missorted by the couriers and finally delivered damaged and not working. What did 1-day do, ignored my emails I had read reciepts and removed my comments from their website.

The finally got in touch with me it only took 3 emails from me this time and hopefully it will be sorted, but I am not holding my breath. The worst thing is that you are stuck with front line staff, there is no way to talk to a supervisor, manager or the such like, if you ask for this you are told that there is no need and that they will handle your problem, then ignore your emails for another week or so.

What I have done in the past, is get the items sent to my local Dairy if you are neighbourly with them. Like Sheldon said, their are 25 more from where that came from! Lets hope you have more success. Some of it is a courier issue but if they would actually respond to emails instead of just reading them and ignoring them it would be nice. Regarding the wrong postage, firstly I am assuming you are putting the correct address down and instructions for the courier to find the correct address and secondly, surely it is the courier at fault, not 1 day.

I have never had any issues with them. I just find sometimes their courier fee is a bit high for certain items. They were fantastic to me when I received a faulty product, I immediately got a refund. I ordered some glass containers and 1 arrived broken courier issue I assume and they happily replaced more than the one that broke, with fast delivery and response to emails….

So anyone else notice that my favourite 1-day. Jess, I saw them both do Weather Stations but they were different models. What duplication did you see? I dunno just an observation….

Definatley a recommendation from me! I have been purchasing books from http: Their special this month is really the free shipping regardless of how many books you buy! One of the other great things about them is they have the view if you can find it cheaper like say Fishpond or Mighty Ape they will either match it or better it which is fantastic!

I always got an email telling me if the books were not currently in their warehouse and when I could expect them. Then I would gegt another email the day they shipped them out to me. All in all a really great service! Would mind picking up some Christchurch ones myself.

Now I see what you mean. The idea would work well for any nationwide chain, especially food though. Hi there, Well thanks to my sister forwarding your web page to me I have now signed on with about another 5 one day sales web sites!!!

Have one that I have made a few purchases off and is not in your list as far as I can see…. So one deal goes from 4am to 12noon, another from 12noon to 8pm, and another from 8pm to 4am?? That sure is crazy! I just bought 3 skateboards from http: Just a note, all skateboards arnt the same! Ultimate one stop shopping. However, some of the freight charges of the individual suppliers are a bit steep and have stopped me buying several times.

It can make a big difference to the overall cost. I sent an email to them, explained the problem, the differences between the product on the website and the one I received.

I even asked if there was a mistake and they accidentally sent the wrong product. Here is the reply: Which is what was sent to you. NZSale just sold a whole bunch of fake Ugg boots. Normally around 3 weeks wait. Slow customer service and no way to phone them. Bought a laptop from http: I was pleasantly suprised with their service as I got a call very next morning informing me that they received the payment for my order and also that they have shipped it already!

However, to their credit, when a problem is identified, they are great at sorting the issue out. First in might have good deals once in a while, but it sure takes long for the product to arrive. Ordered books from amazon which managed to arrive earlier then the laptop bag from First in. Considering Amazon ships from the States…. I ordered a portable DVD player from First In last week, 21st April , and it was not until I made enquiries yesterday, 29th , as to where it may be that they actually shipped it out and according to the track and trace it was processed today, 30th.

Pretty slack I reckon since the money went from my account the day that I ordered it. Also had problems with First In. As with Julia the money had gone from our account on the date of order. Upon chasing again a few days later we were informed that the products were held up at customs but would be received and despatched the next day.

Product finally delivered over 2 weeks after ordering. I had a bit of a delay with my last order, but at least I could ring them and get an ETA. I had a problem with 1-day and no-one replied to my emails for over a week. After that experience, I only use sites that have a phone number listed. Yea, what is with that? Why are they secretive about their identities and force customers to use email and hide the phone number most of the time?

Hi John, apologies for not getting your order out quickly. And yes you can always give us a ring on if you have any questions, our call centre is manned weekdays 9. Thanks Matthew — good on you for coming on here to talk to your customers. Best of luck with the site. This is not the first problem i have had with these guys. My first purchace was doubled and i was charged for two items, even though the invoice stated one.

When conntacted they were very prompt with a responce and said they would refund me the money. It never happened and i recieved the doubled product in the mail. I have no use for this second item, hence only having bought the ONE. So if anyone wants a 7 port usb hub? Hi Tyrone, can you please give us a call on 09 or email me on firstserved firstin. We will get this sorted out for you promptly. Just about two weeks now and am still awaiting delivery of my DVD player.

Come on First in…….. I will email you the details, and if you can get in touch with us we can reconfirm delivery details.

Set up an account, and preceded through checkout, and everything was working fine, until after they processed my Credit Card which has been charged , and then the Checkout craps out and throws up an error page.

Have sent them an email, and awaiting reply. It holds upto photos, 2Mb memory and includes a convenient stand. Hi Daniel, our customer service team has confirmed your order, and you should now have the order confirmation and invoice.

The courier Tracking number will be with you in the next hour. And recieved it this morning. Prompt, Friendly, and sorted the problem straight out. What can I learn from them? What features should I copy? Thumbs up to Monica!! An number with a real, knowledgeable person on the other end of the line?

That seems rare in this business. I emailed my displeasure and later that afternoon I was called by the manager of the company who apologised and said he would inform me if he found another. Unfortunately for them I had already purchased something similar for the same price but cheaper shipping from another daily deal site. Why has the icon for your website in my favourites list changed from a red heart to be the same as the trademe icon the blue kiwi?

Only changed over the weekend…. Link would be more useful if it went straight to http: Ok apparently I am getting a refund, but why did it take 5 days before any contact was made. I have one very sad 5year old who had worked very hard for her reward.

Their service is fast and their specials are great. I did buy a USB car charger off Off The Back, and it only worked once and a month later when I go to use it again, it doesnt work anymore…grrrrrr……. I have emailed them about 10 minutes ago, lets see what happens…..

I definitely do not recommend purchasing anything from FragranceX. I purchased perfume from them on the 5th of may and paid by credit card instantly. After waiting for nearly two weeks I tried to contact them, no phone numbers are listed on the website to call and the address is not in auckland so I had to submit am email inquiry.

After sending TWO emails to the website I received an email back telling me they made a mistake and did not have the perfume I bought in stock and would have to order it in for me. They offered free samples which was good however they could not tell me when I would receive the order. Now I have been waiting three weeks and have emailed them again to see where the heck my order is.

Not good service and definitely do not recommend them to other customers!!! So for posting my experience with fragrancex online on your forum I have received the following email. As explained in the last email sent which I just read over I explained what had happened with this fragrance.

I also admitted we made a mistake and had the incorrect fragrance and were sending you a new one with some samples as our way of putting things right. In 8 years I have never met someone like you online, we are doing our best to give exceptional products and service and like every business, we get it wrong.

We have been honest and responded in a professional manner, until now. We do not want your business, we have reversed the charge to your credit card and suggest buying elsewhere. You responded to us saying you were happy to wait, then sent emails after that which we were about to respond to once we had an update to give you. I am the owner and have worked really hard to build this business up and will not stand by and listen to such tripe in such a public forum, thats not really fair especially when the public do not get the full story which I noticed you failed to explain.

We are not Telecom…we respond to all emails, all feedback and ideas, Your comments are deluded and completely irrational and in future I suggest you think twice before shooting your mouth off please. I ordered 2 fragrances on Thursday 17th June. It has now been 11 days, and no update. I am still waiting for any information as to where my order is. I do expect that the goods arrive on time if there is an option to pay more for this service.

My order number is We have emailed Steph on more than 3 occasions and we admitted that Yes we did stuff up and that we would have to restock this item, To compensate her for the additional delay we were happy to throw in some goodies..

It has been a week since our last update …not 3 weeks… and the order was to be dispatched today…we have decided now the best thing we can do for customers like Steph is to refund her, which we have done.

Hmmm, after reading both sides, regardless of how tricky a customer Steph was, my mind would be made up had I ever been considering a purchase from this website. No company, however big or small, should respond to a customer in this fashion. Your customers are your best asset. Just my 10c worth. I totally agree with Judith, the reponse which Steph has receieved is totally out of line and surely Dave would have realised that Steph will pass his response on to other people.

Regardless of who is is the right or wrong as the owner of the company Dave should communicate in a professional manner and lowering the whole tone of his company. I can assure you that I have no opinion either way as to who is in the right or wrong but I do know that out of principal I would not ever purchase from Daves company. Is anyone else having trouble getting 1-day to contact them?

I sent a ticket last Thursday about an item I purchased from them which I discovered is faulty. I have had no reply and their live chat is never online!

I have just read that 1-day customer service has a problem, so I shall wait a bit longer to see if they respond to my query. Good luck, I am still waiting for a reply to the problem with my March order put through on the 5th , emailed them over and over again including 2 contact phone numbers as well as my email address… I gave up at the end of March and got the charge on my credit card reversed.

I made contact with 1-day today about a faulty item I had received and had had trouble getting sorted out during their systems issues this past couple of weeks. Got someone on live chat and although it was slow going and I had to jog them along a bit, I got resolution in the end. Wow, how wonderful it is to deal with a proactive company who actually care about customer service! I had no idea that the price had been amended later in the day and I think its great that they actually made contact to tell me they even apologised!

Well done Catch of the Day, you get my vote for going above and beyond with your customer service: That is pretty unprofessional. Why not take the proactive approach like other sites have done on here when they have seen issues posted by customers.

Everyone gets things wrong from time to time, but if a reasonable effort to set things right with appropriate follow-through, of course! Bought something last Wednesday online, paid straight away with VISA, Arrived the next day but my flatmate missed the courier. The best thing was the sent me an email with the tracking details to track the package and when i saw the courier was missed i was able re order delivery online for the following day with no extra charge.

That Groupy one is an interesting concept, you only get the deal if enough other people purchase it as well. I like how Groupy. In fact, there are several viral elements to their website that other sites could learn from. Hi, can we please add this site to your website. We have a new daily deal every monring at 7am. Not until you move it to a dedicated page for Daily Deals. Love finding new sites and http: Never boring as hundreds of new products are added each week. Hi, I stumbled over http: Just wanted to say thanks to MightyApe for the great deal on the Moxie dolls.

My daughters birthday is tomorrow, and I ordered it Wednesday. It arrived this morning and we are rural delivery. I bought a crazy sales item and from dunedin to mid north island, they packaged it off and it arrived the very next day. I just removed http: Good work, GameADay have not had any deals since the 14th June, and the most recent one before that was the 9th June!

Ziwi seem to be a bit more on to it, I think they have more problems with hosting than putting up products, have only had four days this month with no deals. Very impressed with Mighty Apes service, ordered three items off their marathon sale day yesterday, and received them all on my doorstep this morning, pretty good service for what must have been a busy busy day for them yesterday!

I see, thanks for that Amit. I will move http: Comes with their own guarantee etc. Looks like they start tomorrow: Just thought i should let people know. One of the first items up is from Daysale themselves. Why is it that today, every time I try to look at the Take a Peek page it redirects me to http: Here is one for the list http: It looks like Ezi-Buy has joined the daily deals as well.

One day, week and year round deals in Dunedin. Check it out — spread the word …. I tried to buy an offer there, put my card details in but the cart crapped out on me. Groupy and Grabone are photocopies of each other.

I tried to buy one Grabone and the cart lets you choose two but after entering the your card details bounces you out to say you can only buy one — dumb! You are NZ oriented, hence I love and trust this site. But this websiet is a ripoff and untrust worthy. Lately I and 7 other friends of mine have had a bitter expirience.. All I would suggest is watch for what you advertise too.

I understand you are paid by them too for the advt.. But supporting the wrong thing, not our NZ style..

Check for their reviews before you plunge into.. I have purchased 2 movie tickets [from Groupy. It reached that and sold out. It is now Sunday and my credit cards been charged have contacted them twice.

How long do I have to wait? I had the same problem, emailed twice with no reply. So, just for fun, help me create a list of all the NZ websites that focus on T-shirts! Is anyone else haveing this issue and are you aware of it? Sorry about the ads Ed. There are ad blockers you could install for your browser if they are annoying you.

Talk about the best deal, do some work. Keep up the fantastic work. Awesome Kat, great to hear. Hope you can add our website to your listings. I was wrapt that the bank stopped this, but the only way my card details have been hacked into was obviously online shopping. Just a warning and no more online for me…. Top rarely offer actual deals. Hi Gary, Think before you speak. Therefore it does not require external power supply. And therefore its cheap…no wonder! Punishment for not having a deal every day.

It looks like they are back so I have put them back on the list, thanks Laura. How about the Belkin USB wall charger? Or the Samsung blu-ray reader? Or the Asus external DVD writer? Or the blueant supertooth 3 handfree kit? I just feel as though your customers are being misled.

It depends how you view it but http: Im sooo glad you put this list of daily deals all on one page! Loving the website, much easier than googling I noticed that the link for http: Its saying forbidden, blah blah blah. Have they blocked your website or something? Has anyone else had problems with this? New Daily Deal website added to the list today: Is it your turn to give a little?

The new voting system seems broken on Firefox. Hey, there is a new web site — specifically for mums and dads. And please put on the list. What are your ideas for new types of Daily Deal websites? Add your ideas here: Do not use http: I have emailed this company 4 times ………..

And have still not received a reply. I have spoken with Dinesh and GameADay. I will try and contact him on your behalf. Apologies for all the inconvenience caused. We have not received a single email from you in past. We are investigating this further as we have orders in you name but they all have unpaid status. We have also checked our online credit card statement and your payments have shown as not paid. We have sent you an email, can you please reply to it and we will call you to resolve this issue ASAP.

I had great experiences with gameaday and have always got a response with 12 hours and sometimes within 2 hours to my emails….. As mentioned we are not sure why the emails from Rachel did not come through to us.

But all good now…. And really wanted to recommend a fuel saver magnet they sold a few weeks back. My fuel bill which has been fairly static for about two years is actually less. I was spectacle if the product would work, but glad we brought it. Arrived the following day.

I actually got it from dealaday. However the magnets need to be very strong for the device to work. I think selling those fuel magnets is actually banned in NZ through the ComCom, so not sure if they should be selling that. I brought a couple of BB guns for the boys off 1day a while ago.

Good luck with getting a response from them, and if you get a response a complete one, I ended up getting the bank to reverse the credit card charges. Wonder if I can start charging 1-day for storage of their product still sitting here since March…. I have heard similar stories about 1Day before. Having a gazillion transactions to process every day is no excuse! You are also missing http: Thanks for the reminder about http: I have emailed them and called them and they seem to be trying to avoid contacting me or replying to me.

I recommend not using that website if you want your item within the 3 days they claim it takes to send it. Not a happy customer. Hi Rikki, Richard at 6shooter is normally very on-to-it.

Hi, have you checked out Bookshake yet http: Hi, have you seen this site: Have made a couple of purchases now. A hybrid between the Daily Deal websites and the Daily Experiences websites. However, not liking the itdirect.

Pointless site having no prices and advert everywhre now, should be removed. I have removed them until they improve their website. Thank you for speaking up. Will never deal with them again. Hi Melanie, we had no idea. Had you emailed it we would have offered you a refund right away. If you would please contact us, we be happy to sort it out. I have contacted ITD. While the silicon cases were for the wrong ipod, the cases themselves were of excellent quality.

Hi Desmond, Thanks for the valued feedback. We use a third party system to develop our website. I ordered a alcohol breathalizer a few weeks ago. This item was fautly. I have contacted Catch of the day via their website 3 timees already and have had no reply at all. Once they get their money they dont want to know you. Be careful when buying off Catch of The Day. Monita, that is no good at all, I will contact http: Just in case your having trouble seeing the site make sure your using the desktop site.

I ordered the pen, watch and wallet set for my partners birthday off catch of the day and when it came it had no pen! Nicole, that is no good at all, I will contact http: I just checked out the http: Their daily deal is on for a limited time only that you have no idea what the hell you missed out on in the first place.

Why they on the list? Thank you for bringing this to my attention Exodusdiva. I have removed http: I saw the special on monsoon poon, description is unclear regarding cocktails. How many is the special good for? Just wanna say that http: Their products have always come within working days, and is always packed nicely.

I went on this website [ http: How could it possibly be sold out when it was not even there for 1 minute? Hi, I bought a t-shirt of 3 Day deals website. I think the size I chose is a bit too big for me. Any ideas on how I can get the right size for myself. Its the first time I have actually bought something off this website or any deals website for the matter.

Thanks and any help would be appreciated. All Daily Deal websites have a method for returning items. If you need more help tell me exactly which Daily Deal website you purchased the T-shirt from. I purchased a product from http: I had a pretty unique delivery request, so i emailed the crew at deal a day and hit them up about my request, They were awesome they responded really quickly and sorted me out, I was well impressed.

This was top of the line service, something i have not seen in a long time, Big shout out to http: Especially Melanie who put in some hard yards, you rock!

Item ordered, paid for, it arrived damaged. It wasnt even packaged properly, placed inside paper! I advised I Love Deals of the damage, they said they would send another out to me.

I had to email them back a week later to ask what was going on, they said they needed the damaged items back before sending out new ones. Waited for them to send me delivery address, 3 days later emailed again, this time they said they had sent me a courier ticket, I advised I hadnt gotten it, they asked for my address again, then they sent the ticket to the address they had sent my item to not to the address I had just given them.

You can find it at http: If you want it.. Hi — do you know if there are any sites selling business services to other businesses — like for startups and the like? Can anyone suggest any? I have placed an order with catch of the day and it has been three weeks n no sign of my purchase. No replies to my most recent enquiry either.

If someone from COTD is reading this….. Great resource you have here! Perfect for bargain hunters and a great way for these companies to be found. Love the new layout — much easier to follow and even more sites — awesome effort.

Thanks Anna for your feedback and super glad to hear that you like the new layout! Please let your friends know about us too. Your email address will not be published. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts. One Day Deal Websites This main group of daily sale websites offer a range of products at generally massively reduced prices. They used to sell all types of home-ware and electronics.

Sold all types of products SnatchADeal. Did offer cheap music tracks for download. They are still offering daily deals on the main site TradeMe. Did sell kids gear. They did offer parenting type deals. Presumed they have closed their site HugeBargains. Did offer wine for sale at discounted rates.

Hi there, would you please be able to list this website: Can you add dealwatch. Hi There, I have been using this site for a while now, they seem to have some really good deals. You should add it to your site!! Where can I find out who are the top 10 actually daily deal websites here in NZ? This is rather dishonest behaviour and follows from Groupy not giving clients copies of the contracts they sign fancy that, makes it easy to rip off ideas If you have a company stay away from Groupy, or you will end up suing them like we are.

Its new as I think. If the shoe fits, um, sniff it? Thanks for your time Dillon. is an independent, advertising-supported website. The owners of this website may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website., Where value is just a click away every midday! Sign up to receive the emails to never miss a deal - incredible daily savings on desirable products. Yes Adrian, I know of your website (I like the new WordPress template by the way). Some interesting articles for fans who are really into the whole 1 day sale / .