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Within sports, Malmö has mostly been associated with football. By , Malmö reached , inhabitants, but this was the peak which would stand for more than 30 years. By the mids Sweden experienced a recession that hit the industrial sector especially hard; shipyards and manufacturing industries suffered, which led to high unemployment in many cities of Scania. Kockums shipyard had become a symbol of Malmö as its largest employer and, when shipbuilding ceased in , confidence in the future of Malmö plummeted among politicians and the public.

In addition, many middle-class families moved into one-family houses in surrounding municipalities such as Vellinge Municipality , Lomma Municipality and Staffanstorp Municipality , which profiled themselves as the suburbs of the upper-middle class. By , Malmö had lost 35, inhabitants and was down to , The Swedish financial crises of the early s exacerbated Malmö's decline as an industrial city; between and Malmö lost about 27, jobs and its economy was seriously strained.

However, from under the leadership of the then mayor Ilmar Reepalu , the city of Malmö started to create a new economy as a centre of culture and knowledge. The new Malmö University opened in on Kockums' former dockside. Further redevelopment of the now disused south-western harbour followed; a city architecture exposition Bo01 was held in the area in , and its buildings and villas form the core of a new city district. Designed with attractive waterfront vistas, it was intended to be and has been successful in attracting the urban middle-class.

Since , the Kockums Crane had been a landmark in Malmö and a symbol of the city's manufacturing industry, but in it was disassembled and moved to South Korea. In , Malmö gained a new landmark with completion of Turning Torso , the tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia. Although the transformation from a city with its economic base in manufacturing has returned growth to Malmö, the new types of jobs have largely benefited the middle and upper classes.

Malmö, like the rest of southern Sweden, has an oceanic climate. Despite its northern location, the climate is surprisingly mild compared to other locations at similar latitudes, or even somewhat farther south, mainly because of the Gulf Stream.

Owing to its northern latitude, daylight lasts 17 hours in midsummer, but only around 7 hours in midwinter. The actual sunshine is measured at 1, hours per annum in Falsterbo a bit further south and 1, hours per annum in Lund somewhat to the north, according to the — averages.

For —, sunshine was measured at 1, hours per annum in Falsterbo and 1, hours per annum in Lund. The sunshine data in the weather box is based on the — data for Falsterbo, which most closely resemble those for Malmö. Heat waves during the summer arise occasionally. Rainfall is light to moderate throughout the year with wet days. Snowfall occurs mainly in December through March, but snow covers do not remain for a long time, [ citation needed ] and some winters are virtually free of snow.

The trip takes around minutes. Additionally, some of the X and Intercity trains to Stockholm , Gothenburg , and Kalmar cross the bridge, stopping at Copenhagen Airport. In March , excavation began on a new railway connection called the City Tunnel , which opened for traffic on 4 December Then, the line comes to the surface to enter Hyllie Station , also created as part of the tunnel project. Besides the Copenhagen Airport, Malmö has an airport of its own, Malmö Airport , today chiefly used for domestic Swedish destinations, charter flights and low-cost carriers.

E6 goes further north along the west coast and through Norway to the Norwegian town Kirkenes at Barents Sea. The city has two industrial harbours; one is still in active use and is the largest Nordic port for car importation. Public transport consisted of a tram network from until Afterwards it was replaced by a bus network. Malmö Municipality is an administrative unit defined by geographical borders, consisting of the City of Malmö [18] and its immediate surroundings.

Malmö Malmö tätort consists of the urban part of the municipality together with the small town of Arlöv in the Burlöv Municipality. Malmö tätort is to be distinguished from Malmö stad the city of Malmö , which is a semi-official name of Malmö Municipality. The leaders in Malmö created a commission for a socially sustainable Malmö in November The commission's was tasked with providing evidence-based strategies for reducing health inequalities and improve living conditions for all citizens of Malmö, especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged and issued its final report in December After , Malmö had , inhabitants, but the population then dropped to , by It then began to rise again, and had passed the previous record by the 1 January census, when it had , inhabitants.

As of [update] , Malmö had the fifth-highest proportion of foreign-born residents of any municipality in Sweden. In , the 10 largest groups of immigrants were born in Iraq 9, , Denmark 8, , Serbia 8, , Bosnia and Herzegovina 5, , Lebanon 3, , Iran 3, , Poland 3, , Turkey 2, , Hungary 2, and Romania 2, In , countries and about languages were represented in Malmö.

Together with Lund, Malmö is the region's economic and education hub. The economy of Malmö was traditionally based on shipbuilding Kockums and construction related industries, such as concrete factories. The region's leading university, along with its associated hi-tech and pharmaceutical industries, is located in Lund about 16 kilometres 10 miles to the north-east. As a result, Malmö had a troubled economic situation following the mids.

Between —, 27, jobs were lost, and the budget deficit was more than one billion Swedish krona SEK. In , Malmö had Sweden's highest unemployment rate. However, during the last two decades there has been a revival. In the unemployment rate is still high but Malmö has the last 20 years had one of the strongest employment growth rates in Sweden.

But a lot of those jobs are taken by workers outside of the side in the neighboring municipalities. As of [update] , the largest companies were: Almost 30 companies have moved their headquarters to Malmö during the last seven years, generating around 2, jobs.

The number of start-up companies is high in Malmö. Around 7 new companies are started every day in Malmö. In , the renewal of the number of companies amounted to Especially strong growth is in the gaming area with Massive entertainment and King being the flagship companies for the industry.

Among the industries that continue to increase their share of companies in Malmö are transport, financial and business services, entertainment, leisure and construction. Malmö has the country's ninth largest school of higher education, Malmö University , established in It has 1, employees and 24, students In addition nearby Lund University established in has some education located in Malmö:.

A striking depiction of Malmö in the s was made by Bo Widerberg in his debut film Kvarteret Korpen Raven's End , largely shot in the shabby Korpen working-class district in Malmö. With humour and tenderness it depicts the tensions between classes and generations. It was filmed in Malmö and Gambia , and deals with identity, integration and everyday racism. In , Malmö Stadsteater Malmö Municipal Theatre was established with a repertoire comprising stage theatre, opera, musical, ballet, musical recitals and experimental theatre.

King and Pat Metheny have made repeated visits. The Cardigans debuted in Malmö and recorded their albums there. The Rooseum Centre for Contemporary Art, founded in by the Swedish art collector and financier Fredrik Roos and housed in a former power station which had been built in , was one of the foremost centres for contemporary art in Europe during the s and s.

By , most of the collection had been sold off and the museum was on a time-out; by Rooseum had been dismantled and a subsidiary of the national Museum of Modern Art inaugurated in its place. It is a part of the Moderna Museet , with independent exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The Malmö Konsthall is one of the largest exhibition halls in Europe for contemporary art, opened in Malmö's oldest building is St.

The church is built with a nave , two aisles, a transept and a tower. Its exterior is characterized above all by the flying buttresses spanning its airy arches over the aisles and ambulatory.

The tower, which fell down twice during the 15th century, got its current look in The oldest parts of Malmö were built between — during its first major period of expansion. Many of the smaller buildings from this time are typical Scanian: Recession followed in the ensuing centuries. The next expansion period was in the mid 19th century and led to the modern stone and brick city. This expansion lasted into the 20th century and can be seen by a number of Art Nouveau buildings, among those is the Malmö synagogue.

Malmö was relatively late to be influenced by modern ideas of functionalist tenement architecture in the s. Around , the government initiated the so-called Million Programme , intending to offer affordable apartments in the outskirts of major Swedish cities. But this period also saw the reconstruction and razing of much of the historical city centre. Since the late s, Malmö have seen a more cosmopolitan architecture. Västra Hamnen The Western Harbour , like most of the harbour to the north of the city centre, was industrial.

In its reconstruction began as an urban residential neighbourhood, with residential units, most were part of the exhibition Bo It became Malmö's new landmark. This new building features a hotel, a concert hall, congress hall and a sky bar in the centre of Malmö. Point Hyllie is a new m commercial tower that is under construction as of The beach Ribersborg , by locals usually called Ribban , [55] south-west of the harbour area, is a man-made shallow beach, stretching along Malmö's coastline.

Despite Malmö's chilly climate, it is sometimes referred to as the "Copacabana of Malmö". The long boardwalk at The Western Harbour, Scaniaparken and Daniaparken , has become a new favourite summer hang-out for the people of Malmö and is a popular place for bathing.

In the third week of August each year a festival, Malmöfestivalen , fills the streets of Malmö with different kinds of cuisines and events. Malmö also hosts other 3rd party events that cater to all communities that reside in Malmö, including religious and political celebrations. In the Baltic Exhibition was held in Malmö which consisted of exhibitions about industry, art and crafts from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Russia.

Sydsvenskan , founded in , is Malmö's largest daily newspaper, and also one of its larger employers see section Economy. It has an average circulation of , In addition to these, a number of free-of-charge papers, generally dealing with entertainment, music and fashion have local editions for instance City , Rodeo , Metro and Nöjesguiden. Malmö is also home to the Egmont Group 's Swedish magazine operations.

A number of local and regional radio and TV broadcasters are based in the Greater Malmö area. Sports in southern Sweden is dominated by Football. Malmö FF had their most successful periods in the s and s, when they won the league several times.

To date, they are the only Swedish football club to have reached the final of the competition. In , they reached the semi-final in Champions League, which they ultimately went on to lose to the German side 1. A second football team, IFK Malmö played in Sweden's top flight for about 20 years and the club's quarterfinal in the European Cup is the club's greatest achievement in its history.

Today, the club resides in the sixth tier of the Swedish league system. Both in Division 1 South, the third tier. You can see them on the left in the picture below:. That was a bit more involved with molding, paint, filler pieces around the sides, and shelves — but still really doable. You can read all about the process here. But back to our built-in dresser at the beach. I promised at the start of this post that this latest project was an extremely easy one. It basically boiled down to using trim pieces to make it look built-in, then adding a few customized elements — like leather hardware pulls and a thicker wood top — to make it a little more interesting and upgraded than the extremely ubiquitous dresser that we started with.

Originally this room was completely open to the back staircase… meaning it was completely open to the kitchen downstairs you could hear everything and anyone could run up without encountering a closed door.

At one point we were actually going to frame it in with a door and everything, but after living with it for a while we decided it might make this landing a little crowded and since the stairs are narrow already we preferred something that would keep the space feeling more open and less packed.

Lucky for us, the space was almost exactly the width of an Ikea Malm dresser. But to make it look like a built-in piece, we had to start by prying off all of the existing trim around the floor of that little nook. I just aligned them with the front edge of the dresser and fired my nail gun through the side of the dresser into them and the wall behind them to hold them there. In addition to nailing through the sides of the dresser, we used the supplied hardware to anchor the back of the dresser to the wall.

You can also see in the photo above that I reinstalled the baseboard for that side filler piece to rest on it extended just a bit behind the dresser on each side but waited to add the quarter round until later. Continuing the quarter-round along the front of the Malm is a big part of making it look built-in and a lot more seamless. Fortunately, we had a scrap piece of butcher block counter leftover from the kitchen that was large enough.

We only had one shot at this, so we took our time!

Welcome to our MALM bedroom series. It’s full of smart ideas, like under the bed storage and a chest of drawers that works as a bedside table, too. There’s a choice of wood veneer and white finishes to help you find your favorite. Welcome to our MALM bedroom series. It’s full of smart ideas, like under the bed storage and a chest of drawers that works as a bedside table, too. There’s a choice of . Malmö Municipality is an administrative unit defined by geographical borders, consisting of the City of Malmö and its immediate surroundings. Malmö (Malmö tätort) consists of the urban part of the municipality together with the small town of Arlöv in the Burlöv Municipality.