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Guelph Eaton Centre, Guelph: With the departure of Eaton's, this mall was redeveloped as the Guelph Centre. The site of the Eaton's store now houses the Sleeman Centre, which is a large ice rink. The rest of the mall was converted to a galleria style pedestrian street called 'Old Quebec Street', with offices above the shops.
The Toronto Eaton Centre - CFShops is located in Toronto, Ontario - Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1 (GPS: , ). Look at the list of stores in The Toronto Eaton Centre - CFShops, hours, location and information about mall and special events, sales, coupons/5(14).
The Toronto Eaton Centre - CFShops is located in Toronto, Ontario - Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1 (GPS: , ). Look at the list of stores in The Toronto Eaton Centre - CFShops, hours, location and information about mall and special events, sales, coupons/5(14).
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Shop till you drop at Toronto Eaton Centre, a massive multi-level indoor shopping mall that spans two downtown city blocks. The space is filled with more than retailers and restaurants, including high street and high-end stores. Toronto Eaton Centre is modeled after the famed Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II .

One-stop shopping for all the ties, socks, belts, underwear, bags and tech accessories every man needs to complete his wardrobe. Also, find great gift ideas for men, including luggage, fine cologne and grooming products.

The temporary wall at the south end was mirrored over its full height, to give an impression of what the complete galleria would look like. The old Eaton's store at Yonge and Queen was then demolished and the south half of the complex opened in its place in The same year, the north end of the complex added a multiplex cinema, Cineplex , at the time the largest in the world with 18 screens.

Terauley Street, Louisa Street, Downey's Lane and Albert Lane were closed and disappeared from the city street grid to make way for the new complex. Albert Street and James Street were preserved only to the extent of their frontage around Old City Hall although at the request of the Church of the Holy Trinity, the city of Toronto required that pedestrians be able to cross through the mall where Albert Street once existed at all times, which is still possible.

Trinity Square, however, lost its public access to Yonge Street, and became a pedestrian-only square with access via Bay Street. Many urban planners and designers have lamented the original exterior design of the Eaton Centre. The complex was oriented inwards, with very few street-facing retail stores, windows or even mall entrances to animate the exterior. Much of the Yonge Street façade, facing what was once one of Toronto's primary shopping thoroughfares, was dominated by a parking garage.

At the insistence of the Metro Toronto government, which had jurisdiction over major roads, the complex was set back from Yonge Street. The goal was to eventually add an additional lane to the street. As a result, the complex was set back a considerable distance from Yonge Street, thus further weakening the centre's streetscape presence.

The exterior of the Eaton Centre store was designed in the style of the s, intended at that time to be a statement of Eaton's dominance and its aspirations. As of the early s, the Eaton Centre's owners have redesigned the mall's Yonge Street façade, bringing it closer to the street and making it more closely resemble an urban shopping district, with stores opening directly onto the street, and presenting a variety of façades to create the perception of an urban streetscape. Further redevelopments, in the late s and early s, added new retail space.

The west side of the complex, opposite Albert Street, was expanded. One of the mall's two parking garages, the nine-storey Dundas Parkade on Dundas Street with its two spiral stack ramps and the multiplex cinema below it, was demolished in Upgrades include new flooring throughout, the redevelopment of the centre's two existing food courts, upgrades and expansions to washroom facilities, lighting improvements, new railings, new entry doors, and green initiatives.

The renovations have been completed in late Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Eaton Centre since late Nordstrom and Samsung have their own stores on the northern end of the mall since the mids.

In , the pedestrian bridge linking the Eaton Centre and Hudson's Bay was rebuilt and was slightly rotated clockwise as well. At the time of the centre's opening in , the complex was marketed as "The Eaton Centre", before changing its name to "Toronto Eaton Centre" in the early s. Despite the bankruptcy of the Eaton's department store chain in and the closure of a short-lived Sears Canada-owned revival in , the mall retained the Eaton Centre name, representing an ongoing tribute to Timothy Eaton and the small shop he once opened at this location.

However, as Sears retained the Eaton's trademarks and other intellectual property , the name was used under licence until December , when Cadillac Fairview acquired the Eaton's IP outright. In early , mall management began an effort to enforce usage of the full "Toronto Eaton Centre" name. However, at that time, exterior signage was inconsistent as to the centre's name, with signs facing Yonge—Dundas Square simply reading "Eaton Centre" while several others used the full name.

Despite the controversy and criticisms, the centre was an immediate success, spawning many different shopping centres across Canada bearing the same brand name of Eaton. The mall's profits were said [ who? Today, the Eaton Centre is one of North America's top shopping destinations, and is Toronto's most popular tourist attraction. One of the most prominent sights in the shopping mall is the group of fibreglass Canada geese hanging from the ceiling.

This sculpture, named Flight Stop , is the work of artist Michael Snow. It was also the subject of an important intellectual property court ruling. One year, the management of the centre decided to decorate the geese with red ribbons for Christmas, without consulting Snow. Snow sued, arguing that the ribbons made his naturalistic work "ridiculous" and harmed his reputation as an artist, and in Snow v Eaton Centre Ltd , the court ruled that even though the centre owned the sculpture, the ribbons had infringed Snow's moral rights.

The ribbons were ordered removed. The mall has stores and restaurants. When the Eaton's chain went bankrupt in , many of its corporate assets were acquired by Sears Canada , which included the lease on the department store space at the north end of the mall, giving Sears a prime location in Toronto's downtown core for the first time. Sears Canada briefly ran the department store as part of an upscale "eatons" mini-chain but by the store had become a Sears store. In June , a would-be shopper was filmed shouting at the locked doors of an entrance to the Eaton Centre, which was in the process of entering lockdown as the G20 Summit street protests loomed nearby.

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Enter the email address in the format someone example. Your phone number can contain numbers, spaces, and these special characters: In Sears announced that it would close its Eaton Center location. In , the location was converted into a Nordstrom. Sears Canada's head office in the upper levers of the former Sears was closed in when all liquidation finished of Sears Canada.

Although neither has ever carried the Eaton name both did, however, contain Eaton's stores , these two malls were developed by the Eaton's chain and its partners, and both are "Eaton Centres" in all but name.

Commencing in the early s, Ontario 's provincial government poured millions of dollars over the course of a decade into the ODRP program in order to revitalize the downtown retail areas of smaller communities throughout the Province. Typically, this involved the construction of new downtown malls to compete with growing suburban shopping opportunities. However, there was no business case or market analysis to justify the construction of these downtown malls.

Many residents noted that the enclosed facilities represented the antithesis to the one unique aspect of downtown shopping, street-related stores. Often the new downtown mall had a "vacuum cleaner" effect of attracting the stronger street boutiques away from their neighborhoods to become tenants in unstable shopping centres.

The lack of free parking in the downtown area was the number one impetus for residents flocking to suburban malls which had free parking, which did not help the cause of the downtown malls whose garages charged fees, collected by the municipalities who usually financed the construction mall garages.

Nonetheless, in a highly criticized business decision, Eaton's became a partner in the program, and its stores served as the anchor tenant in many of these malls.

Discover every shop inside the CF Toronto Eaton Centre mall. Mall stores can all be found in our directory. Search stores alphabetically or by category. With a striking glass galleria and iconic "Flight Stop" geese, CF Toronto Eaton Centre is a celebrated Canadian landmark. Home to over + best-in-class retailers, restaurants and services in the heart of downtown, TEC is the city’s premier urban shopping location. Find the best of fashion among stores & restaurants in Montreal Eaton shopping mall Save money & enjoy discounts in Montreal Eaton Centre stores.